who we are

Hope City Church is a gathering of people just outside of Charlotte, NC in the community of Harrisburg. Originally a campus of the multisite movement known as High Rock Church, Hope City was sent out under the blessing of High Rock to be a community of hope and restoration in the greater Charlotte area.

Hope City has one simple, yet distinct heartbeat and mission: BRINGING HOPE TO THE BROKEN. Whether you find yourself in a broken marriage, a broken home, have broken relationships, or even a broken relationship with God, you can find hope here. Having imperfections, struggles, doubts, and fractures in your life doesn't disqualify you from this church.

In fact, they're almost a pre-requisite.  

See, we believe discovering and living under the grace of God found in Jesus has the capacity to deliver hope, healing, and restoration to the brokenness in our lives. So, our heart is to find broken people and help them begin to finally live the way they

were always created to live...with HOPE.


By clicking the links below, we hope you'll begin to understand how we accomplish our mission.

We're excited about you getting to know us, and we look forward to getting to know you.