our values

An organization's values will ultimately determine the types of products or environments it creates.  At Hope City,

ALL of our environments are designed to help facilitate or accomplish what it is we value or what's important to us.

Below are our 3 primary values, or in essence, what we believe is CRITICAL for people to find and experience genuine HOPE in their lives.

Ultimately, hope comes from living how you were created to live,

and we believe you were created for RELATIONSHIPS.

When people are experiencing these relationships in their lives,

they begin to find meaning, fulfillment, and purpose.

This brings hope...even in the midst of the brokenness of our lives.

So, all of our environments are designed to help people experience:

  • a growing


    with god

    Type content here...

  • Authentic


    with his church

    Type content here...

  • legitimate


    in the world around us

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