New To Hope City?

If so, let's take a second and get you familiar with what to expect.  

At Hope City, we have a very simple church model. We don't do much because what we do, we want to do well. So when you show up, you may not find some of the traditional events and programs often found in many churches, and we're ok with that. We know what we're called to do and what we're not.

Beyond that, every environment we create is intentionally designed to help facilitate our values of helping people grow in their intimacy with God, community with His Church, and influence in their world. At Hope City we have three primary environments:

We have large group worship experiences where people can gather together to passionately worship, while at the same time,

feel safe to explore the teachings of Jesus in a non-threatening, comfortable environment.

We have safe, fun, and interactive family ministry environments for kids and students that serve one purpose: to partner with parents

in helping their child become everything God created them to be.

Finally, we have LifeGroups. These small group environments exist to not only help people grow in their faith,

but to deepen their relational connections with other people.

So, to get an idea of what you can expect when you check out each of these environments,

simply click on one of the three tabs found on this page, and we look forward to seeing you at one very soon!