Pastor Robbie & Samantha

  Lead Pastor

After graduating from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Pastor Robbie & his wife Samantha returned to the Charlotte area following a passion and calling for this city and the surrounding area.  After nearly 10 years in student and creative ministries, they followed God's call to plant what is now Hope City Church.

After years of seeing people move in and out of the church, many of whom never truly find real hope and freedom from the weight of their circumstances, Pastor Robbie has developed a burning passion for seeing people finally begin to live the way they were always created to live: in a real daily relationship with a God that is far greater than any circumstance they will ever face.

"So many people, particularly here in the Bible-belt, get so focused on getting their 'initial get out of hell free pass' that they totally miss the daily experience of what Jesus actually died to afford them.

Because they miss the point, they become consumed with trying to measure up to the gift they've been given, OR overwhelmed by the fact that they can't, and they end up spending their whole lives feeling either guilty, or frustrated.

But see, that's the polar opposite of what Jesus came to give us.  He came to give people LIFE...right here...right now...a life in direct relationship and communion with their creator...a life filled with grace, power, freedom, and HOPE...not because of where they are, but because of WHOSE they are."

Natives from Charlotte, Pastor Robbie & his wife Samantha have five beautiful children: Chloe, Caleb, Carson, Cali, & Coen.


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