worship experiences

Our gatherings take place on Sundays at 11AM


These experiences are intentionally designed to be exciting & engaging,

and once you're inside, we think you'll agree.

Before coming in, stop by Remi's cafe and grab a cup of coffee to bring with you.  All the donations given there go to sponsor the health and education of kids like REMI through Compassion International.

Then, on you're way in, grab a program so you can take and keep some notes.

Once inside the auditorium, an usher will help you find a seat. 

Then, the music starts...

our music

Our music is LOUD and comparable to United Pursuit, Bethel, Hillsong, and Vertical Church.  It's passionate, honest, and did we mention LOUD. But the goal is isn't making noise for the heck of it. We want people to experience powerful moments through music, where they clearly connect with and encounter the presence of God.

To get a taste of Hope City Worship, CLICK HERE.

our teaching

We believe the Bible is so much more than just a book of history...but literally the voice of God over our lives today. We believe it's filled with timeless truth, that can be presented in a relevant way.

We want to take the concepts and teachings of the scriptures, and communicate them in a way that makes sense and useful for everyday life. We're not interested in people simply hearing the teaching, but being able to DO something with it. The teaching at Hope City is meant to actually be helpful for your life Monday-Saturday.

To sum it up, the Bible teaching at Hope City is sound, passionate, funny, insightful and most of all...helpful. To get a sense of what the teaching is like, CLICK HERE.