Don't go to church

Instead, come BE the church.

Every Easter, we all get a ton of mailers, invite cards, and Facebook ads all basically asking the same question: where are you "going" to church this Easter? The problem is, that sounds NOTHING like the actual invitation God is extending to you!

It was never meant to be about attending was about being a part of something...something way bigger than you. If this whole thing was just about where you checked in on Sunday mornings a few times a month, or on special occasions, then it wouldn't really that big of a deal would it!?

Let’s be’ve probably BEEN to church enough anyway. Now it’s time for something more. Now it's time to come be a part of something bigger. Now it's time for your life to actually start counting for something.

Not sure what that means? Trust us, it’s way more than just a marketing gimmick.
Show up this Easter, and we’ll explain!