Hope for the city

hope for the world

Over the past couple of years, God has allowed countless broken people to find the kind of hope that can only be found through Jesus...simply by walking through our doors.  We are RICH in HOPE.

But what about those that haven't walked through our doors?  What are we doing to reach them...to bless them, to bring HOPE to them?

Hope for the City...Hope for the World is a generosity initiative designed to address that very question.

Throughout the course of this initiative, we're going to talk specifically about how we can leverage what we have here at Hope City to bring HOPE to those outside our walls, those that don't have it yet...those in our city...and those around the world.  We want to intentionally mobilize those who are RICH in spirit...to bless those who are POOR in spirit.

This initiative was birthed out of a passage in the New Testament found in 1 Timothy 6:18 which says:

Command those who are rich in this present world to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

If God has richly blessed us with HIS hope, we should be willing to extend that same hope to others.  And that's what #HFTCHFTW is all about.

SCROLL DOWN below the introduction message to see the FOUR specific ways we plan to bless those outside our walls...and bring them HOPE!

GIVING Gifts - November  

Every year, as we head into the holidays, the majority of us never have to worry about being able to provide at least 1 gift for our children for Christmas.  But millions of families around the world feel hopeless regarding this very thing.  So we have partnered up with two fantastic organizations, in order to bring hope to many of these families.

First, we've partnered up during this season with Samaritan's Purse for their Operation Christmas Child Project.  On October 30, you'll be able to pick up shoeboxes to fill, along with packing guides and box labels.  Then on November 6, you can bring back these stuffed boxes to the church campus, and we will ensure they get to the distribution center.

Second, we have an ONGOING partnership with Compassion International.  This partnership allows families within our church to sponsor children in less privileged families around the globe on a monthly basis, in order to ensure they not only receive gifts around the holidays, but are continued to be cared for throughout the year.  If you aren't yet sponsoring a child, you can do so at the Resource Center on either October 30 or November 6.

The best part of BOTH of these partnerships, is the fact that they not only provide physical gifts.  They provide the most important gift of all...the gift of the Gospel, the good news of Jesus to every child they reach.  

So bring your gifts on November 6, and help us give the greatest gifts these kids could ever receive, the Hope of Jesus.

giving food - november 13

One thing we hear all the time, is how scarce supplies are for local food pantries heading into the holidays.  With so many folks needing food at one particular time, it's often hard for local shelters and pantries to keep up.  With local churches in town, these place should NEVER run low.  

So, on November 13, we're going to bring hope...by bringing food,  We want to absolutely FILL the shelves of these local outreach ministries right at Thanksgiving time, and help them to understand that we have their back 100% as they reach out and serve those less fortunate.  You can bring any non-perishable food items on that day and we'll have bins in the lobby ready to accommodate them.

The reality is, we've all got at least something extra in our pantries.  So let's grab them, and with this simple gesture, put a smile on the face of someone this holiday season.

giving Time - november 20

When the local church brings their time, talents, and willingness TOGETHER, they can often accomplish so much more than individuals could ever accomplish on their own.  There are so many amazing ministry partners in our community that haven't got the time, or bandwidth to accomplish many of the projects they have on their agenda, but with our help, THEY CAN.

So on November 8th, we will commit together to serve with our time alongside ALL of the LifeGroups of Hope City Church these ministry partners.  We will be serving during that week.  We will be heading out to meet dozens of outreach partners the week of November 20 to serve them.

Why?  Because we can...so we should.  It's a way to spread tangible hope to those who otherwise couldn't achieve it on their own.  The best part...we'll be doing it all in the name of Jesus.

giving RESources - november 27

As we've already stated, we don't necessarily want to be doing everything, we we DEFINITELY want to be partnering with those who are.  So on November 27, we will be giving a special opportunity to give monetarily to the work of our outside ministry partners.  100% of the proceeds of this special offering will go directly into the hands of our outside ministry partners.

This will be a chance for us to show these organizations how much we value their work and how much the body of Christ is standing with them.